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  1. Number of teachers with Ph. D and their percentage to the total faculty strength Does the Institution have ongoing research projects?



2       Does the Institution have on going research projects?



If yes, provide the following details on the ongoing research



Funding agency

Amount (Rs)

Duration (years)

Collaboration, if any

















(Additional rows/columns may be inserted as per the requirement)

3.   Number of completed research projects during last three years.  


  1. How does the institution motivate its teachers to take up research in education? (Mark for positive response and X for negative response)

           Teachers are given study leave

           Teachers are provided with seed money

           Adjustment in teaching schedule

           Providing secretarial support and other facilities

           Any other specify and indicate

  1. Does the institution provide financial support to research scholars?



  1. Number of research degrees awarded during the last 5 years.


  1. Ph.D.
  2. M.Phil.


  1. Does the institution support student research projects (UG & PG)?



  1. Details of the Publications by the faculty  (Last five years)

              Yes         No      Number

International journals




National journals – referred papers

                        Non referred papers




Academic articles in reputed magazines/news papers








  1. Are there awards, recognition, patents etc received by the faculty?


  1. Number of papers presented by the faculty and students (during last five years):                                                                       Faculty                Students

National seminars

International seminars


Work shops


  1. What types of instructional materials have been developed by the institution?

(Mark `’ for yes and `X’ for No.)

Self-instructional materials

Print materials

Non-print materials (e.g. Teaching

Aids/audio-visual, multimedia, etc.)


Digitalized (Computer aided instructional materials)

Question bank

  1. Does the institution have a designated person for extension activities?


If yes, indicate the nature of the post.

Full-timePart-time        Additional charge


  1. Are there NSS and NCC programmes in the institution? 




  1. Are there any other outreach programmes provided by the institution?




  1. Number of other curricular/co-curricular meets organized by other academic agencies/NGOs on Campus



      1.Faculty Development Programme

      2    Teacher ‘s day Celebration

      3. Blood Donation Camps

      4. Village Adoption & Citizenship Training  Programme


  1. Does the institution provide consultancy services?




In case of paid consultancy what is the net amount generated during last three years.



  1. Does the institution have networking/linkage with other institutions/ organizations?


Local level

State level

National level

International level


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