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  1. Does the Institution have a stated





      Minimum Percentage of Marks for UG Degree (B.Ed.)


  1. a) Does the institution offer self-financed programme(s)?

If yes,

a)     How many programmes?

b)     Fee charged per programme      B.Ed.


  1. Are there programmes with semester system

a)     B.Ed. 2 Years with Semester wise Programme

b)                 D.Ed.  2 Years  Programme with Year wise

  1. Is the institution representing/participating in the curriculum development/ revision processes of the regulatory bodies?



If yes, how many faculty are on the various curriculum development/vision committees/boards of universities/regulating authority.



  1. Number of methods/elective options (programme wise)





    M.Ed. (Full Time)


  M.Ed. (Part Time)


Any other ( specify and indicate )


  1. Are there Programmes offered in modular form




  1. Are there Programmes where assessment of teachers by the students has been introduced




Assessment of Teachers by students of Course is done regularly as per prescribed   proforma.


  1. Are there Programmes with faculty exchange/visiting faculty




  1. Is there any mechanism to obtain feedback on the curricular aspects from the
  • Heads of practice teaching schools
  • Academic peers
  • Alumni
  • Students
  • Employers

  1. How long does it take for the institution to introduce a new programme within the existing system?   


  1. Has the institution introduced any new courses in teacher education   during the last three years? 



  1. Are there courses in which major syllabus revision was done during the last five years?


  1. Does the institution develop and deploy action plans for effective implementation of the curriculum?


  1. Does the institution encourage the faculty to prepare course outlines?


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